Wordpress Hacking

Spent a nice afternoon hacking on WordPress. All was blissful until I realized that the Category Access plugin by David Coppit I had installed, while nice, had a subtle bug that was causing it to display empty posts for things that are hidden behind login access at this site (mainly some private content and notekeeping functionalities for myself). I had previously hacked around this but my hack was causing WordPress to act up and not display the right number of posts on the front page.

Anyway, at this point I know more about WordPress than I’d like to, and found a fairly simple workaround to the bug that didn’t require any WordPress hacking (just the plugin). Phew. Off to the gym now… hours of squinting at a computer screen always makes a run feel oh so good.

The Righteous Path

Thank God for KEXP, possibly the world’s best radio station. Listening via internet radio (me and my friend in Belgium, both!) yesterday I heard an advance single from the upcoming album by Drive By Truckers, “The Righteous Path”. I’ve always confessed to being a sucker for slide guitars, but this track’s heavy driving beat pulls you right through the even heavier lyrics like a pickup laboring through a heavy rainstorm. There’s a beauty and a tragedy to it that emerges right from the soggy ground warming after the rain ends, and if you can bear the smell you keep your head up and move forward. Hopefully the rest of the album is this beautiful.