My first post in what will become an almost-daily running journal. I figured this would be a good way to record my times, distances, feelings, injuries and such for later perusal. We’ll see if I stick with it or not, that is running, blogging running, or both. Eventually I’d like to cross-link this against pages that I’ll create with data from my Garmin Forerunner 305 unit. That would be cool.

Start Time: Just after 2PM.
Distance: 8 miles (10 intended)
Route: Science Museum/Anderson river loop.
Pace: I didn’t have a target other than finishing, but I think that the total time was 1:02:41, so around 7:50 or so.
Pre-Run: Had breakfast (eggs, chicken sausage, sweet potato fries, toast, coffee) around 9:30AM, then a Clif Bar at 1PM or so. Had three or so beers last night, slept from 2AM-9AM. Iced both knees for about 10 minutes immediately prior.
Notes: Felt slightly dehydrated and light-headed throughout. Had a Gu gel at the 6 mile mark which went down extremely well and made me feel much more clear-headed, although by that time I was struggling with other things (see below).
Injuries: Although the left knee felt a bit twingy beforehand (which precipitated the icing, although its in general a good idea), the right knee started to act up at around 5 miles or so and was full-on sore by 6.5 miles. Coming around the curve past the BU bridge was fairly painful. Stopped and stretched right after the next light, but it continued to hurt and I jogged the mile or so left to finish.
Post-Run: Iced my knees again, rehydrated and had a PowerBar, took a few Ibuprofen.