Sigh. I guess whenever one starts a blog series devote to running they should expect it to become an injury report at times. This is one of those times, with my Iliotibial Band tightening up and causing some real pain today. Probably should have expected this after yesterday’s effort, but I idiotically went out for a hill workout today anyway. Dumb. Time to do some real serious rehab now.

Start Time: 5:30PM.
Distance: 2.3 miles (2-4 intended).
Route: Harvard Bridge band-and-forth, partially in order to get at the little hill at the BU bridge.
Pre-Run: Had a Odwalla bar about an hour before, and two Ibuprofen about the same time. Iced my knee directly before and did some light stretching.
Notes: Felt OK going out, but the right knee quickly started to get twitchy. Started hurting right around the time I got to the bridge, and for some reason thought that a few hill repeats would help. Did two quick up-and-downs, and then tried to continue on to the Harvard Bridge but quickly was reduced to walking. Stopped and stretched a bit, even tried moving my strap to the right knee directly above. Nothing helped, and the pain quickly became acute, at which point I was reduced to walking back to Eliot. It was damn cold too, and windy, which made things even worse.
Post-Run: Had some hot tea, iced my knee, stretched a bit and had dinner.

Moving forward I think it’s time for a few changes. First, I’m going to take a few days off before resuming some light running. I may bike either today or tomorrow but at least one day will be completely off. Second, I’m going to go out and grab some new shoes. The ones I’m in still seem new, but I guess I got them last winter, and the word on these shoes is that they wear out quickly. Finally, I’m going to go on a full Ibuprofen course and ice the knees regularly. Hopefully keeping the mileage down and doing a bit more cross-training will also help since I’d love to get back into some long runs by the middle of June.