I treated myself to a pair of new shoes in response to the IT band issues I’ve been having lately: the Saucony ProGrid Triumph 5. Seriously though, the names of these things? Ridiculous. Anyway, these were marketed by the good people at Marathon Sports as “neutral cushioned” shoes, which I’m hoping means “neutral, cushioned”.

I’ve been a good boy and haven’t taken to the streets again after Monday’s disaster, so I don’t know how they’ll work out. I’m tempted to go out today but don’t have time and figure that an extra day of icing and Ibuprofen can’t hurt at this stage. Let’s hope that it all boils down to the new shoes, since I definitely want to taste some Gu sometime soon. As well as the fact that I have a bit of interest in my running club. Maybe I should use the downtime to figure out something useful to do with the XML-formatted data that I can pull off of my Forerunner 305 with this handy tool