Today was too beautiful a day to pass up, and I was interested in seeing how my knee, babied for a week and feted with new shoes would respond to a bit of work. So Suz and I went out for a nice easy (for me at least) 3.2 mile loop around the river.

Start Time: Around 4PM I think.
Distance: 3.2 miles.
Pre-Run: Decided to return to a bit more engaged pre-run stretching routing, so did some light stretches with Suz before we set out.
Notes: First 1.5 miles was around 10 mi/mile pace, and then we came in at around 10:45 or so for the remainder. I was a bit nervous about going so slowly since I’ve heard that this can be hard on the knees, but I was enjoying being with Suz and so it turned out quite well. It was really ideal weather and everyone was out enjoying the sunshine and the holiday.
At times my knee felt a bit twitchy but in general the left one was more sore than usual today, possibly because I over-tightened by patella strap, and the right one after a brief complaint early felt fine actually.
Post-Run: Usual stretching, water, etc.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to reprise this run and lift the pace a bit and see how everything is settling in. Should be interesting…