While yesterday I did, in fact, lace up my shoes, today was more of a real effort: 3.2 miles in 23:37 for around 7:22 pace, although that’s a bit deceptive. The first 1.6 miles was around 7:40 pace and the second right around 7 min pace. Felt OK, although I’m going to have to readjust to the Boston humidity. Today the run was right after a thunderstorm and the ground and the air were both still wet.

Start Time: Around 5PM.
Distance: 3.2 miles.
Time: 23:37, or 7:22 pace.
Route: Eliot Bridge to Western Ave Bridge.
Pre-Run: Light stretching, water.
Notes: Felt fairly strong, although could have used some water at points as it was fairly humid. Right knee hurt a bit at points but never enough to slow me down. Tomorrow will likely be a rest day.
Post-Run: Stretching, shower. Going to take some more Ibuprofen but forgot to ice the knee so that will have to wait until later.

I’ll probably go out again tomorrow and keep the pace down a bit, but I’m hoping to get around 15 quality miles in this week in the smallest intervals possible, probably 5 x 3 miles.