I’m trying to train myself to run at my (dream) target marathon pace of around 7:15 mi/mile. It’s no coincidence that this is suitable to produce a Boston Marathon 25-35 age bracket qualifying time. It’s kind of how I picked it.

In any case, I’m convinced that I need to get to the point where 7:15 is automatic, the pace my legs naturally fall in to when left to their own devices. I want to be able to feel pushing the pace below that mark, settling in to right around on pace, and also falling off when going over hills or whatever. So I want to do a lot of miles at that pace before I eventually try to run 26.2 consecutive at it. Anyway, this is all to say that the goal today was to go out and do 3 miles (still going easy on the IT band) at around 7:15 pace.

Unfortunately, I get nervous when on these short pace-driven runs, and habitually go out faster at the top of each mile. That leaves me looking at a fast pace at the half-mile point and trying to decide if it makes sense to really throw on the brakes, to sort of “punish” myself (and my legs) with fast-half/slow-half effective intervals, or whether I should just push through the mile mark and try to take it easier the next mile. However, inevitably that doesn’t work either. Anyway, hopefully once these Goal Marathon Pace (GMP) runs become longer I’ll be able to frighten myself into slowing down. Today it didn’t work and I came in 45 seconds too fast.

Start Time: Around 6:30PM.
Distance: 3 miles.
Time: 21:01.
Pace: ~7 mi/mile even.
Route: Same as yesterday: Eliot Bridge to Western Ave. Bridge. Slightly shorter today as I walked to the footbridge before beginning but still finished right at the Anderson bridge.
Pre-Run: The usual: light stretching, water. Had a bit of a snack at around 4PM, bagel with peanut butter, yogurt, some carrots.
Notes: Felt good throughout, maintained a pretty steady pace. Fairly tired by the end and (again, should have trusted yesterday) should have brought a bit of water. Shoes in particular felt quite good, nice cushioning but didn’t really seem to slow me down too much.
Post-Run: Full stretching, more water.

Tomorrow’s distance will be similar, but this time I’m really going to try and keep the pace down! I promise!