I’m trying to get back to my pre-injury schedule while still holding the mileage down, and today was Fartlek day, so I did a Fartlek. I’ve found that I enjoy these type of runs much more after I looked up the literal translation of Fartlek: speed play. Despite the effort, they are kind of fun. Today’s speed was aided quite a bit by the liberal number of light stops during the first half, but I was still pleased with the effort.

Start Time: Around 6PM.
Distance: 3 miles.
Time: 20:53, or around 6:58 mi/mile pace.
Workout Structure: Each half mile began with a 30 second “sprint” which I tried to get the pace down to around 5-5:30 mi/mile pace, followed by the remainder of the half-mile at a moderate pace. The lap times were pretty even, most hovering around 3:31 with one particularly speedy lap bringing the total time down under 7 mi/mile pace.
Route: Same as yesterday, which is becoming the “standard” 3 mile loop.
Pre-Run: Another 4PM snack, water, light stretching.
Notes: Felt good throughout, enjoyable, actually easier with the sprints than yesterdays constant pace effort.
Post-Run: Stretching, water, shower, dinner.

Tomorrow’s plan is another 3 miler, this time actually at a reasonable (i.e. 7:30ish) pace.