Today was Fartlek day, and with my knee starting to not even twinge on similarly-sized outings I decided to go for it and try and get through the 5+ mile Harvard Bridge loop. The first mile and Fartlek intervals went fine and I felt good, and then coming off of the final interval leg I decided to try and cruise in at a respectable pace, maybe something around my GMP or 7:15 mi/mile. I was running comfortably, hard but comfortably, and after just under half-a-mile looked down at the score: 6:40 mi/mile. Whoops. But at that point I figured, what the hell, and brought the last mile in in a scorching 6:20. So much for an easy warm-up and cool-down.

Start Time: Around 5:30PM.
Distance: 5 miles.
Time: Total time was 35:37 for the running portions, or an average of 7:05 mi/mile.
Workout Structure: Intended to be a slow first mile, followed by 30 second Fartlek intervals embedded in half-miles for a total of 6, followed by another recovery mile. The first mile came in around 7:45 IIRC; I tried to keep the Fartlek intervals down around 5:30 pace and then bring up the total pace for the half to around 7:15-7:30 or so; the last mile was fast, not much of a recovery at 6:20.
Route: Harvard Bridge loop. I found that if I started right at the Weeks Footbridge (shortening my usual 5 minute warm up walk by a minute or so) then some of the speed intervals laid out pretty well: the first is right coming up to the B.U. bridge (as opposed to just past it). The third is right coming up to the Harvard Bridge. The fourth is right coming off of the Harvard Bridge and I paused my watch to avoid having to sprint down the ramp. The last is the most problematic, because it’s just coming in to the underpass of the B.U. Bridge on the Boston side. Rather than sprint through that curvy area I delayed the last Fartlek by 0.15 mile to get off of the boardwalk.
Pre-Run: Water, not much stretching but iced by knee in the afternoon. Half-bagel with peanut butter about 90 minutes before.
Notes: Whole run felt good, strong. Lots of other similarly-paced runners out there today, which was fun. Was a bit worried about digestion issues since my stomach felt odd all day but that didn’t turn out to be a factor.
Post-Run: Stretching, shower, water, dinner.

Tomorrow’s a rest day, and then Sunday is a “long day.” We’ll see how long that actually gets.