Today I ventured back on my Monday run to the “comfortable” confines of Spring Hill, less than that really yesterday as it was hot in addition to the proffered hills. I managed to drag myself up and down the hill a few times, using different approaches to stretch out to maybe 2.5 up-and-down miles. Good times.

It occurs to me that I run slower on these hill workouts, even at a pace that I’d like to be able to relax at on other runs but usually find myself pushing past. Today I was wondering how much of my river-side pace is due to familiarity, whereas when I race off into new parts of town my reckoning of distance becomes more uncertain and the fear of the unknown (and how far it is back to the known) drives the pace down a bit. Of course, it could also just be the hills…

Start Time: Around 6PM, late to let the heat dissipate a bit.
Distance: 4.5 miles.
Time: Don’t have that in front of me but it was slow, maybe averaging out to 8:45 mi/mile pace or so.
Workout Structure: Ran up and down Spring Hill a bunch of times, and also did a series of four 10-second hill sprints on one of the steeper sections on Belmont St. (Which I like because from just about the tippity-top you can get a glimpse of the Eliot House tower.)
Route: Out-and-back to Spring Hill, then up and down a bit, just wandering around looking for inclines. Paying attention yesterday I noticed that it’s about a mile to the base and about a quarter mile up Lowell St. all the way to the “summit”.
Pre-Run: Bagel and peanut butter about 90 minutes prior, water, very light stretching, almost none really.
Notes: Started to feel my knee again a bit on the way back, but just gently. Hadn’t really been icing today, but need to get more aggressive about rehab (see next post).
Post-Run: Stretching, icing, Vitamin I, shower, dinner.

Tomorrow I’m going to dial down the mileage a bit but dial up the intensity with a couple of tempo miles.