Well, I should be honest: it was two miles of tempo work enclosed in a pair of easier miles. But I’m not lying about it being hot: it’s around 7:30 PM now and still in the 80s out according to weather.com, so it was probably mid-eighties when I went out at 6PM. Given the conditions I consider the distance alone, much less the pace, a victory. Nasty out there, and I’m just starting to get used to it.

Start Time: 6PM.
Distance: Just over four miles total.
Time: I think just under 30 minutes or so, with paces of around 8, 7, 7, 7:45 mi/mile for each of the miles, respectively. Could I have said that more awkwardly?
Workout Structure: Went out for an easy opening mile (plus a bit), then burned in two hard tempo miles, uninterrupted, followed by a slower final mile as a cool down.
Route: Out-and-back to the Harvard Bridge. However, today I extended the warm-up mile so that it cleared the B.U. approach, so that the two inner miles were completely uninterrupted. This did mean that I had to turn and veer up the Harvard Bridge a bit to finish the mile, but I think that it’s worth it to not have the early light. However, this means that there’s a finishing hill, which is fine, but it’s hard not to get overexcited by it coming in, especially knowing that the B.U. bridge lights provide a sure respite. Today I was at 7:07 mi/mile pace coming up the hill and shaved 7 seconds off my mile split by the top, which was exhilarating but undoubtedly brought me past “tempo” pace.
Pre-Run: Note that I did a bit of an ITBS workout this morning. I also did a 10-minute erg piece just for fun and to keep my form up until sculling season starts. That was earlier, but I think that my legs were a bit heavy on account of it. Bit of light stretching, iced both knees, ate at 4PM, usual peanut butter bagel.
Notes: Knees felt OK, legs a bit sore, probably left over from yesterday’s hill workout and this mornings erg piece. It was also really hot on the course today, and my water just didn’t really last long enough.
Post-Run: Took a long time to cool down on the walk in, probably borderline heat exhaustion or something. Immediately got inside my AC’d apartment and took in a liter of fluids, cold shower, stretching and iced the knees. Dinner time now.

I’m pretty happy that tomorrow is a day off, although I may get on the bike a bit in the morning as part of my core stability workout.