Thursday runs on my schedule are usually fairly easy, 2 miles easy and 2-4 miles “moderate”, whatever that means. I’ve discovered that I honestly have a hard time with “moderate.” This isn’t to say that I can do great at “high speed” plowing along, just that it’s sometimes easy for me to let my pace wander all over the place as opposed to picking a consistent middle-ground pace and sticking to it. So today’s a good chance to practice that. The goal was a 7:45-7:30-7:15-7:15-7:30-7:45 ladder, and that’s what happened.

Start Time: 3PM. A bit earlier that is usual for me, but I had a meeting at 5PM.
Distance: 6 miles.
Time: Almost exactly 45:00 even, so around 7:30 mi/mile.
Workout Structure: As indicated above, the goal was to slowly increase the pace to my GMP in 15-second increments each mile, then hold that for 2 miles, then back it up again slowly. Worked out well.
Route: Started at Hemenway today since I was at work and wanted to shower. Originally considered running on the treadmill but it was just too perfect today, even in the heat of the day, to really seriously consider that. Out and around the Beacon St. bridge (away from town) worked out to almost a perfect 6-mile run.
Pre-Run: Wasn’t at home, so didn’t ice as usual, but did ice several times this morning. Had a Odwalla Bar about an hour before heading out. Did a more involved than usual stretching routine at Hemenway and had and carried water.
Notes: Knees felt OK throughout, although the left was a bit sore heading out. The right started to feel more unstable as time went on but never got painful. Had a bit of digestive issues around mile 4 but was in the riverside park so that was a good place. Hot today but never felt as dangerous as Tuesday.
Post-Run: Good long cooldown, stretching, cold shower. Didn’t ice immediately but am icing now at home.

Tomorrow’s my favorite run, the 5-mile Fartlek. Hopefully it will maintain its allure after todays efforts, and in this heat!