I was feeling a bit more reluctance than is usual coming in to today’s 5-miler, especially since it’s a Fartlek, which I usually like. However, I think that the recent heat, the addition of some morning workouts (which I should start blogging soon), and yesterdays 6-mile effort conspired to make this run just a bit harder than usual. However, I still pushed through it, with good results.

Start Time: Around 3:30 PM. A bit earlier than usual as I was meeting a friend for drinks early in the afternoon.
Distance: 5 miles.
Time: 35:05, or an average of 7:31 mi/mile. Pretty decent.
Workout Structure: Fartlek Fridays, see here for an example. Today I managed to keep the last mile under control though, at an easy even 7:30 mi/mile pace.
Route: Same as last Friday. Started a bit sooner (Weeks Footbridge) and this helped rejigger some of the hard 30-second efforts, particularly so that the last one finished before the B.U. bridge tangle coming back.
Pre-Run: Moderate stretching routine, some water.
Notes: Right knee felt a little twitchy throughout, but never got to the point of feeling painful.
Post-Run: Water, some electrolytes, shower, beer and a nice big dinner at Magnolia’s (closing tomorrow… sad!)

Tomorrow’s a rest day and a chance for me to keep after my IT band. I bought a foam roller today at Marathon Sports so we’ll try that out tonight and see if its at all helpful.