This week the goal is to bring up the mileage a bit to 22 miles, as well as get back in the groove of running 5 times a week (as opposed to four). So that means Sundays are back in play, although I don’t want to inject too much mileage into them immediately, even though Sundays are supposed to be long and slow. Today’s run was “long” (6 miles) and “slow” (7:45 pace), and everything stayed tied down knee-wise, although I may need to revisit my Sunday morning breakfast habits…

Start Time: 2:30PM. Ate breakfast at around 11AM so this seemed like enough spacing at the time.
Distance: 6 miles.
Time: Right around 46:30 so nailed it at 7:45 mi/mile pace.
Route: Originally planned the Anderson-Beacon St. bridge loop plus a bit of extra sauce to get the mileage up to 6, but knees felt a bit gawky around mile 3 so turned around at the Eliot Bridge to keep things closer to home. Walked down to the Footbridge to start, so looping back to Anderson around the the River St. bridge gives close to 6 miles exactly, at least according to this map1 Why am I obsessing about this? Because I screwed up the timing/distance on my GPS unit coming in and so wasn’t sure about the last mile or so. Glad to see that I got the distance right.
Pre-Run: Ate a large breakfast (eggs, chicken sausage, sweet potato fries, toast, coffee, orea frappe) at around 11AM. Not sure that was the best idea, since I had to make a pit stop at around mile 3. Did some light stretching, iced the knees and drank a bit of water, as well as some electrolyte solution, before I went out.
Notes: Felt the IT band area in my right knee throughout but never got painful; stopping at the 3-mile mark in particular seemed to help. Probably overdressed slightly, wore a long-sleeve top that was warm at the start but hot throughout. Lost a lot of fluids during my pit stop and was happy to have my 4-bottle belt with a few small bottles of Nuun with me along with the water I brought.
Post-Run: Stretching, showered, nothing unusual.

Hopefully my legs aren’t too beat up for tomorrow’s hill workout, but because of the mileage I did today that’s going to be considerably shorter than in past weeks. Hopefully that helps.

  1. 1. The walk down to the footbridge tacks on an extra 1/3 of a mile. []