That’s what Monday brings, with the mileage accrued from yesterdays “long run” helping to shorten up today, just a little 3-miler, out and back to Spring Hill, Somerville. Nothing unusual about this run; nice little one.

Start Time: Around 6:30PM.
Distance: 3 miles.
Time: Around 33 minutes, 8 mi/mile pace for the warm-up cool-down miles; 9 mi/mile in the hills. Yes, that’s a problem.
Workout Structure: Laid out 4 10-second hill sprints, two coming up one side of Spring Hill and two coming down (well, turning to get up) the other side. Continued uphill/downhill after each, which was different than previous weeks when I typically did the repeats all on a single portion of the hill and in an up/down pattern.
Route: Typical Spring Hill route, although the shorter run meant that I got up and down Spring Hill on Lowell St. exactly once.
Pre-Run: Bagel and peanut butter about 60-minutes beforehand, medium-length stretching, water.
Notes: Right knee again felt loose but never painful.
Post-Run: Icing, stretching, shower, etc.

Hopefully this string of cool, rainy weather will last until my much harder tempo run tomorrow.