There was nothing significantly unusual about today’s half-tempo half-easy run: same course, same times, etc. Only a few things (not particularly) of note:

  • This was my first time out in my “Tiger red” shorts that I bought last week. I figured, hey, if that color works for him, maybe for me? That said, they also happen to be a wee bit short, but hey, when it’s time to go fast, it’s time! The breeze through parts typically left unblown is not entirely a bad motivator to keep moving…
  • This was also the first time in a while, definitely since the IT band troubles started, that I’ve run three days in a row. I think that that had an impact, since my perceived level of effort while bringing in 7 mi/mile pace was a bit higher. That said, my recovery mile coming in felt quite nice and easy, and I felt good fairly quickly after the run ended. Perhaps my memories of this run are unfairly colored by last weeks hot and nasty, but maybe I’m actually getting a bit stronger. Who knows.

Should have said a couple things. Oh well.

Start Time: 6:30PM.
Distance: 4 miles total.
Time: A shade under 30 minutes total. Splits were 7:45, 7, 7, 7:45 mi/mile respectively.
Workout Structure: Easy mile, two tempo miles, easy mile.
Route: Out-and-back to the Harvard Bridge. Started the tempo miles right after the B.U. Bridge.
Pre-Run: Bagel and peanut butter about an hour out, Nuun-ed bottle about 30 minutes out, water, light stretching, icing about an hour out.
Notes: Right knee again felt loose, but never hurt. Definitely felt better during the harder miles.
Post-Run: Water, stretching, shower, dinner, beer!