Today’s run was a long scheduled 8-miler to start off a week in which the goal is to hit 28 miles. We’ll see how we get there. In any case, 8 miles seemed a bit daunting and I was worried how far my still slightly peckish right knee was going to get me. Turned out pretty well, it did.

Start Time: 6PM.
Distance: 8 miles.
Time: 60 minutes, for a 7:30 split, with a 30-minute 4 mile split and a bit of extra effort needed to keep the second half at even pace.
Route: Science Museum to Anderson Bridge loop, 8.6 miles on the maps meaning that it allows for my 1/3 mile warm-up and cool-down almost perfectly.
Pre-Run: Really hadn’t had a full meal until after completing this run on Sunday, so that was notable; had a snack in the morning around 11, another energy bar around 2 and then another energy bar around 4. Otherwise light stretching, water, electrolytes before setting out.
Notes: LIne of thunderstorms moved through the area right as I was leaving meaning that the first half was quite damp with steady to hard rain continuing throughout large portions of the run. Left me out there with the real hard-core guys looking over our shoulders wondering if the next lightning strike was going to be goodbye. Never got too close though, at least under a few seconds lightning to thunder delay, and the rain was wonderfully soothing. First half was right in at 7:30 pace, but the pace flagged a bit afterwards and I needed to push the last half to come in under an hour. Took my four-bottle belt and had a Gu at mile 4. Knee felt unstable at points but never painful.
Post-Run: Didn’t really do a proper stretch since was running to meet some friends for dinner and that was dumb. Tried to get some fluids in but really the first thing down my throat was a bit plug of Pad Thai and then later a beer, which, of course, made me feel not-so-good almost immediately.