Today’s run was warm and a lot of up-and-down. In the quest to get my mileage (back) up in the 30-miles/week range I’ve been adding a few miles each week, and the easier workouts to add miles to in my opinion are the Sunday long run, the Monday hill workout and the Thursday “moderate” run. So this week the goal is 28 miles and the hill workout goes from 4 to 5 miles, giving me more time to explore the Spring Hill environs. Turned out to be a good time, and the hill is nice in that it offers several different approaches of varying length and gradation.

Start Time: Around 6PM.
Distance: 5 miles.
Time: Not completely sure here but the pace in the hills wasn’t great, I think a bit over 8:30 mi/mile pace; the out-and-back miles were OK.
Route: Out-and-back to Spring Hill in Somerville and then several trips up-and-down the hill. I started up over and back on Lowell St. which is steeper, about 0.3 miles to the summit from Somerville Ave and around 0.2 miles down the back to Highland Ave. I then climbed back to the top again and cruised down the Summer St. approach down into Davis Square which is about 0.75 miles down and an equal amount back with a correspondingly gentler grade. I think that that point, right around the intersection of Summer and Lowell is the peak of Spring Hill, and so all roads leading out from there lead down (including Summer St. the other direction which I didn’t try today).
Pre-Run: Nothing special, the usual stretching, water, etc.
Notes: Knees felt a bit more twitchy on the hard cement of today’s run but felt good coming in and I was happy in general.
Post-Run: Did a long stretching routine partly to compensate for the lack of one after yesterday’s long run. Legs felt good, sore but limber. Hopefully ready for a few harder miles tomorrow…