I’ve gotten a bit lazy of late at blogging my runs like I should be. In an attempt to catch up before another week begins again this afternoon (although that already really happened yesterday), a quick recap of last week:

  • Tuesday: 4-mile tempo run. Felt good, strong, quick times out and back.
  • Thursday: 6-mile moderate ladder, 7:45-7:30-7:15-7:15-7:30-7:45. Everything felt pretty comfortable with the 7:15 miles feeling a bit quick. Good run overall though.
  • Friday: 5-mile Fartlek workout. Definitely felt a lot better than last week, and relatively relaxed overall.
  • Sunday: 10-mile long run. This was a good run, accompanied by my friend Thaddeus. A nice relaxed cruise around the Science Museum loop with my knees cooperating throughout. Good times. The heat was a bit oppressive however, with that being about the only drawback.

The goal this week is to get up to 30 miles and then hold there for a few weeks allowing my body to get accustomed to that level of effort.