Today I headed out for the second run with the little running group I’ve been trying to pull together. After Thaddeus accompanied me on last week’s effort, both he and Jacy headed out with me today at 6PM to do the Science Museum loop. It turned out to be quite a pleasant run.

Start Time: 6PM. At which point it was hovering in the low 80s but with the humidity in the 50s which made for a pleasant 90 minutes.
Time: Around 85 minutes I think give or take a few, so in the 8:30-8:45 mi/mile pace range. Very comfortable for me as my heart rate was hovering around 155 or so for the majority.
Route: Science Museum to Eliot St. Bridge loop, listed as 10.2 miles but worked into an even 10 with an opening walk.
Pre-Run: Didn’t eat much today which was perhaps a mistake, muffin for breakfast followed by a bagel with some peanut butter and two Powerbar-type things sprinkled throughout the day. This has been my strategy on Sundays but it may need some updating. Usual light stretching, etc.
Notes: Stopped for water a few times but in general felt quite comfortable. Was drinking water at a much slower clip, probably due to the reduced humidity. Downed a GU at about 6 miles in, yummy. Right knee felt a bit unstable between 4 and 6 miles but that whole area firmed up again and didn’t bother me after that point. Pace was very manageable.
Post-Run: Stretching, energy drink and bars, pizza about an hour later and some time with the foam roller later in the evening.

This week was my first putting in 30+ miles (just over, really, at 30.5) and it felt good, although it is funny how things creep up on you. I definitely have been feeling sore at times which I think is good since it means that my body hasn’t quite yet really gotten used to this level of training and I’m still making progress. Next week I’m going to hold here and probably the week after (since I’ll be traveling), just to let it sink in before creeping up the mileage again a bit.