These Monday hill workouts are getting to be tough. For the first few weeks of this program they were relatively easy, a bright spot between the Sunday long run and the Tuesday tempo miles. I think that was also back when my definition of “hill” was a bit looser, like approach to the B.U. bridge loose. Alas, now that I have found Spring Hill these runs have gotten more difficult.

Start Time: 6PM.
Distance: 5 miles.
Time: 42 minutes, or about 8:24 mi/mile pace. Ugh.
Workout Structure: Same as two weeks ago.
Route: Also the same as two weeks ago.
Pre-Run: Water, a bit of stretching.
Notes: Damned right knee again felt a bit loose but never got to hurting, and the stupid strap kept falling off so that was annoying. Other than that just another hot nastly Spring Hill three ways workout.
Post-Run: Stretching, icing, left knee felt sore coming in so iced it as well. The usual celebratory shower.

Tomorrow’s tempo run, now we’ll see how that goes!