Well, to be honest, it was half tempo, and not meaning half-tempo, mind you, since that’s slow, but half tempo!

Start Time: 6PM.
Distance: 5 miles.
Time: Mile paces of 7:45, 7 (2.5), 8 (1.5).
Route: JFK to Arsenal St. Bridge loop, with some extra tacked on at the beginning. Was supposed to be an out-and-back to the Arsenal Bridge but felt some, ahem, “trots” coming on nearing the bridge and decided to loop over to the park on the other side where there are facilities. Turned out to be a good move…
Pre-Run: A bit hurried, with snack at 30 minutes out, some brief stretching.
Notes: Knees felt a bit nervous heading out but never bothered me again.
Post-Run: Good stretching, shower, icing, going to hit up the foam roller later.

Tomorrow is mercifully a day off. I’ve been feeling a bit run-down this week but today’s miles were comfortably hard so perhaps that’s a good sign? Thursday will tell…