Getting my tempo miles in in the heat today was a chore… welcome back to Boston, hot nasty humid weather. Yuck.

Start Time: 6PM.
Distance: 6 miles.
Time: Splits were 7:45, 7:14 x 4 miles, 8:30 or so.
Workout Structure: Same as last time, although I think that the mile splits went up as opposed to down during the interior miles.
Route: Variation on the route from two weeks ago, into Boston instead of out.
Pre-Run: Had a Odwalla bar at -2 hours or so. Water and stretching as usual.
Notes: Felt pretty tough today! Probably a combination of the heat, humidity, and last week as a rest week.
Post-Run: The usual stretching, etc.

My friend Mark suggested that my GPS-enabled running gadgetry could, by using the time and location information, usefully grab weather data as well… I think that that’s a cool idea, since I’m definitely convinced that I’m fairly heavily effected by the heat and relative humidity when I run in the afternoon.