With Jacy out of town, Mark Breeze on a plane to London, that left Thaddeus and I to tackle the typical route last night for our weekend long run. Turned out to be a beautiful evening for it, although starting at 7PM is leaving us finishing at dusk now that the year is getting perceptively shorter. Maybe time for a night run?

Start Time: 7PM.
Distance: 10 miles.
Time: Around 1 hour 27 minutes. Held 8:30 pace for the first 8.5 miles or so and then slowed up quite a bit over the last mile and a half.
Route: Same as last time we did this, which wasn’t last week.
Pre-Run: Ate a large lunch with Suz around 3pm or so, not sure what a great idea that was. Had a bit of Nuun water (took the rest with me) and a bagel about 1 hour beforehand.
Notes: Had to break for a pit stop at around mile 4, which could have been because of lunch but was more likely just general stomach malaise that effected me on and off all day.
Post-Run: Bite to eat, stretching icing and bed.

Tomorrow morning is Thaddeus’s defense, which makes it all the more impressive that he ran today!