A week ago my hill workout was done in the (relatively) comfortable confines of the “Hills of Rochester.” Yes, we have hills; probably, in fact, a better place to do hill workouts than around Cambridge where it is pretty flat. However, the hills are rolling, less steep than Spring Hill where I do my hill workouts around here. So today was a return to the old haunts of Somerville, up and down an old friend. The cool weather contributed to some decent splits, at least for me moving vertically.

Start Time: Around 5PM, early so that Suz and I could get to the Coldplay Concert later than night than was part of her birthday present ;-) .
Distance: 5 miles.
Time: First and last mile were around 8 mi/mile, the inner three at 8:30 splits. This is pretty good for me for these sorts of hills. Or maybe I can’t remember. I think that part of being good at this training stuff is having a short memory!
Workout Structure: Same as prior weeks.
Pre-Run: Bit of a snack, water, stretching.
Notes: Felt pretty good, and was able to stay cool, which was critical. Beautiful day for a run.
Post-Run: Forgot to stretch (argh), but hit the shower and had a quick meal at Spice before the concert.

We’ll see how the rest of the week goes… tomorrow’s run in particular makes me nervous, for no good reason…