Back to the river, and since I’m dialing the mileage back up to 30 miles this week I decided not to tack on anything extra to this short tempo run, keep it short (2 miles) and fast (< 7 mi/mile). Turned out to be harder than I expected... legs are still getting back from vacation, I guess. To be fair, it was also a very long day, a late run and I hadn't eaten for a while beforehand, so it was a good effort given the circumstances.

Start Time: 8PM (!).
Distance: 4 miles.
Time: 7:45, 7 (2), 8, so just under 30 minutes.
Route: Out and around the Arsenal bridge and back to the JFK bridge on the Cambridge side (the part that runs along next to the stadiums and Harvard athletic fields is ugly and I’m starting to avoid it habitually).
Workout Structure: Easy mile to start, then 2 hard tempo miles with breathing and pulse at the top of my tempo zone, to distinguish it from Thursdays runs where I try and keep the tempo pace more comfortable, at least relatively.
Pre-Run: Had a Odwalla Bar with the intention of going home at around 5PM but then got stuck at work and ended up not getting home for a while, then stretched and watered quickly. So I think that I was a bit underfed and under-watered.
Notes: Tempo pace was comfortable for the first mile or so and then got hard and the pulse started creeping up until it was past zone by the finish, although I was able to keep the breathing under control. I like this workout though, feel like it really gets the job done.
Post-Run: Careful stretching, shower, dinner and a movie ;-) .