I thought about putting up a blogroll, but integrating it into my existing site seems like too much work and its not clear where it would go. This seems easier. Blogs I read on a daily basis fall into roughly two categories: politics and technology. To enumerate (in no particular order):


  • Talking Points Memo: I’ve been reading TPM for years and just can’t quit. Some of their new features annoy me1, but in general I think that Josh Marshall has an interesting take on a lot of things. Highly recommended.
  • Eschaton Blog: Another blog I’ve followed for a while but one I’m losing interest in faster than in TPM. Still plays a nice meta-blog role with links to a lot of interesting posts on blogs I don’t normally read. But a lot of the posts now are just little pieces of not-so-funny snark or pure comment threads, which I don’t bother with.
  • Glenn Greenwald @ Salon: I really enjoy Glenn’s style, his strong opinions, the sometimes bracing clarity he brings to issues. A good read.
  • Paul Krugman’s Blog: An obvious choice. Extremely insightful. Very shrill! Good stuff. Somewhat erratic posting schedule, however.


I’m still hunting around for blogs written by contemporaries, that is late-term students considering the academic market, certainly systems types. Shoot me a note if you write or read one.

  1. 1. The "Day in 100 Seconds" feature seems to reduce news from a series of soundbites to a series of mini soundbites. Is this useful? []