Our dog Chuchu has, as most dogs do, many amusing qualities. It’s the day-to-day observation of these qualities that really animates dog ownership, at least for me.

Several examples: first, Chuchu has a tendency, when on walks, to act as if a great wind is blowing that emanates from home outward in all directions. Or perhaps that there is some source of inverse gravity rooted at home that only he can sense. This leads to a tendency to pull forward on the leash going away, and lag when returning home. I suppose you could create some sort of compass using this feature. Maybe it’ll be helpful if we ever get lost one day.

I noticed this particularly yesterday, as he and I went out for a little run in the rain. For weeks we have been running about 1.5 miles between Eliot House and the Eliot Street Bridge. Not knowing anything about his innate distance running abilities, I assumed that he was tired on the way back since he would switch from running along beside me to lagging a few steps behind1. However, yesterday we followed our trip out-and-back to the Eliot Bridge with an extension out-and-back to the Western Avenue Bridge and, lo and behold, he seemed to get a great burst of energy during the 3rd quarter of the run and then appeared tired again for the last quarter. It really is something having to do with going and coming from his home I think.

The other interesting habit that actually spurred me to jot this down is his tendency to steal your seat. Many times, after being settled on the couch with him on the floor in my apartment, after journeying to get water or use the restroom I return to find him looking up at me from my spot on the couch. WTF? Usually there’s plenty of room for both of us, but why? Is it the warmth left behind? I have no idea.

  1. 1. Perfectly OK by me, since he's less likely to trip me going after a squirrel that way. []