I always feel a great deal of lassitude at this time of year, which makes it extra difficult to get anything done. I’ve always pinned in on a few changes. First, the academic year is over, and the last push is usually a bit exhausting, either getting through exams or getting a class through exams, grading, etc. Second, the weather is warming up, and that screws with my system. I don’t like hot weather and have learned to live with the four months of stickiness that is summer in Boston, but I usually take a week or two to acclimate. This year the weather has been all over, up and down for the usual run-around that passes for spring, so I haven’t had quite enough time to really get things straightened out. Looks like this is going to be the stretch though.

This year is no real exception, and it’s probably heightened by a few additional factors:

  • The Red Wings are in the playoffs. It’s always struck me as bizarre that the NHL finals are now, in early June. This is not hockey weather. A couple of suggestions: shorten the season, or start in early enough that you can finish in February. That would be ideal, really, since the finals would fall right after the Super Bowl, the weather would be hockey-like, and heck, you could even perhaps hold the playoffs or at least a game or two outside!
  • Suzanna and I have to move next week. Packing up for the first time in three years is not particularly fun, but given that I don’t have a great deal of stuff it’s easier than it should be. I shouldn’t complain. Suz is packing up to move for the fourth time in three years. Ugh.
  • Due to our position as summer school Co-Assistant Deans I’m a bit suspicious about how restful the summer will actually be. We’ll be in our “summer home” out in the Harvard Quad, which will be nice, but supervising 400 or so summer school students? Will that be fun? I hope so.

I’m also wondering if I returned from HotOS’09 with a bit of a cold. At least I’ve been more exhausted than usual for the last couple of weeks. Good time for a vacation.