Up to page 508/endnote 208 or so. Just a few quick notes.

  1. My blog is (currently) the top Google page if you search anticonfluentialism. It’s nice to be up there at the top of at least one one word (or pseudo-word) search.
  2. I keep starring things in Google Reader to come back to at the various other IJ blogs I’m reading. Like this post at InfiniteSummer.org which talks about expectation creation and fulfillment in video games. Maybe I starred this because I instinctively flag almost anything and everything negative about video games which I think are ridiculous wastes of time that rival any other time-wasting activity (TV, blogging, staring vacantly into space, etc.). Or this post over at Infinite Detox where the author discusses our habit of over-personalizing our entertainment options[1. Actually I think that Wallace was a bit ahead of the curve when discussing the progression and disintegration of mass media, but that's a subject for a future, non-list-based Infinite Jest post.] and lists a number of “modest proposals for Infinite Jest-inspired solutions for life in our present-day techno-dystopia”. Good stuff, and worth a read.
  3. Finally, as a further progress report, I am still very much enjoying the book, although my specific references to it on this blog have perhaps diminished. I installed the kind-of neat Facebook Infinite Summer application, which is motivating me to read more regularly and in smaller chunks so that I can update my page counter every day. Whee!