Kathleen Lafrance

Post-doctoral Scholars

Daniel Glasner

Ph.D. Students

Emma Alexander
Ioannis Gkioulekas
Qi Guo
Jialiang Wang


Ying Xiong (PhD 2015, went to Dropbox)
Ruonan Li (former post-doc; went to Microsoft)
Laura Tucker (former post-doc; faculty at UC Irvine)
Ayan Chakrabarti (PhD 2011 and former post-doc; faculty at TTI-Chicago)
Stanley Chan (former post-doc; faculty at Purdue)
Sanjeev Koppal (former post-doc; faculty at UFL)
Kate Saenko (former post-doc; faculty at UMass Lowell)
Fabiano Romeiro (PhD 2010, went to Goldman Sachs)
Ely Spears (SM 2012)
Zak Stone (PhD 2012, went to silicon valley)
Yuriy Vasilyev (PhD 2011, went to Microsoft)

Past Visitors

Amal Fahad
Yair Adato
Ping Tan
Karim Ali


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