David A. Holland


I am a researcher (and currently grad student) in software systems; I have worked for many years with Margo Seltzer and now also with Stephen Chong. I nominally work on operating systems but have lately been working on code synthesis and verification. In my other life I am a NetBSD committer, where I work on storage systems, kernel architecture, and other assorted things.

My core mission is to save the world from bad software. This is a lost cause, but that's not a reason to give up.


Lately I've been working mostly on a project called PRINCESS, which among other things is about using code synthesis to generate the machine-dependent parts of an operating system to make doing ports easier. (I don't think it has a public webpage, sorry.) Some (rather old now) past projects that do include the PQL query language and the GOAT database project, and before those Provenance-Aware Storage Systems.

I also wrote and maintain OS/161, an instructional operating system long used in CS161 here and at a number of other schools.

There's long list of other things I'd like to do if I could secure time and energy, ranging from tools of immediate broad utility to totally quixotic research kernels. The length of this list is a standing joke in some quarters.

some stuff

Listen to Shostakovich's 11th symphony.
Read C.J. Cherryh's The Pride of Chanur.
Watch Princess Mononoke.
Read Gunnerkrigg Court.
Photograph an ocelot.


[soon, honest]


My old personal page (last updated probably fifteen years back) is here.