Keith's Poetry Archive

The following is a collection of poems that have struck my fancy at one time or another. This is not meant, in any way, to be a comprehensive collection of poets or poetry. The poems marked with an asterisk (*), are ones that I believe are still under copyright. Except where I have received permission from the copyright holder, these poems (almost everything written in the 20th century) are not accessible except from my machine.

A listing of my current favorites is also available.


Scott Ardley

Matthew Arnold

Margaret Atwood

Hilaire Belloc

William Blake

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Robert Browning

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Billy Collins

Samuel Daniel

Jim Daniels

W.H. Davies

John Donne

Michael Drayton

John Engman

D.J. Enright

Robert Graves

Thomas Hardy

Robert Hayden

A.D. Hope

A.E. Housman

Langston Hughes

Ted Hughes

Randall Jarrell

Robinson Jeffers

John Keats

Kenneth Koch

Yusef Komunyakaa

D.H. Lawrence

Robert Lowell

Archibald MacLeish

Andrew Marvell

William Meredith

W.S. Merwin

Paul Muldoon

Ogden Nash

Edward Randolph

Kenneth Rexroth

Theordore Roethke

Siegfried Sassoon

William Shakespeare

Gary Snyder

Edmund Spenser

Wallace Stevens

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Robert Penn Warren

E.B White

Walt Whitman

William Carlos Williams

James Wright

Elinor Wylie

William Butler Yeats

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