Krzysztof Gajos

Information For Prospective Postdoctoral Fellows


Active Areas of Research

Currently, my group has the following focus areas:

How to Join

You may be able to join my group through the CI Fellows 2020 Program. The applications are likely to be due soon (as soon as June 2020). CI Fellows is a program designed to provide high quality postdoc opportunities to graduating PhDs at the time when the regular academic job market is severely distrupted. The program is managed by The Computing Research Association (CRA) and the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) with anticipated funding from the NSF. CI Fellows can choose who they want to work with. If you think your interests align with those of my group, please reach out.

I do not have any other funding for postdoctoral fellows right now.

Current Postdoctoral Fellows Working With My Group

Former Postdoctoral Fellows who Worked With My Group