David C. Parkes

CS 136
CS 285
CS700 (EPFL)

Research and Bio

Ph.D. Students
Zhe Feng (G4)
Sophie Hilgard (G3)
Daniel Moroz (G4)
Eric Mibuari (G3)
He Sun (G4)
Paul Tylkin (G6)

Visiting Fellows

Alon Eden
Sarah Keren
Max Kleiman-Weiner
Shreyas Sekar
Nir Rosenfeld
Berk Ustun


George F. Colony Professor of Computer Science
Co-Director, Harvard Data Science Initiative

Co-Chair, FAS Master of Science in Data Science
Co-Chair, Harvard Business Analytics Program
John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences,
Harvard University

Research Interests:
Multi-agent systems, Digital economy, Machine learning, Causal inference, Data science, Market design,
Preference modeling, Bounded rationality, Mechanism design, Algorithmic economics.

Professor David Parkes solicits applications for a Postdoctoral Fellow position in Harvard Computer Science to start in Fall '19.

2017 ACM/SIGAI Autonomous Agents Research Award talk (May 2017)
On AI, Markets and Machine Learning

Teaching (Fall 2019):
CS 136: Economics and Computation

Fall Office Hours:

CS 136:  Thursdays 1-2p (start on 9/19)

Regular OHs:  Fridays 11a-12p (start on 9/27)

At Harvard:
Economics and Computer Science Research Group
Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH)

Other activities:
An economy of algorithms || Data, Dollars, and Algorithms
Inaugural report of the One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence
Harvard Magazine Commentary: Rationality and Robots

Contact Information:
Maxwell Dworkin 229,
SEAS, Harvard University,
33 Oxford Street,
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 384-8130
lastname - at - eecs.harvard.edu