Rohan Narayana Murty



I am on leave from Harvard where I am a Junior Fellow in the Society of Fellows.

My research interests span networked systems, embedded computing, and distributed computing systems. My thesis work focussed on architectures for opportunistic (dynamic) spectrum access in wireless networks. I explored these ideas via white spaces networking. An overview of my dissertation research is available here.

I was previously a Computing Innovations Fellow at MIT. My PhD at Harvard was supported by a Siebel Scholars Fellowship and a Microsoft Research fellowship. I received my bachelor’s degree in computer science from Cornell.

I am also interested in philosophy, history, and the classics. Consequently, I am involved with the Murty Classical Library of India.

I can be reached at rohan AT eecs (harvard)

Selected Papers

Enabling Spectrum Sharing in Secondary Market Auctions, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2013

Ian Kash, Rohan Murty, and David Parkes


SenseLess: A Database-Driven White Spaces Network, In Proceedings of IEEE DySpan, May, 2011

Also invited to the Transactions on Mobile Computing, September, 2011

Rohan Murty, Ranveer Chandra, Thomas Moscibroda, and Paramvir (Victor) Bahl


Dyson: An Architecture for Extensible Wireless LANs, USENIX Annual Technical Conference, June, 2010

Rohan Murty, Jitu Padhye, Alec Wolman, and Matt Welsh

[PDF] [Slides]

White Space Networking with Wi-Fi like Connectivity, In Proceedings of SIGCOMM, August, 2009

(Best Paper Award)

Paramvir Bahl, Ranveer Chandra, Thomas Moscibroda, Rohan Murty, and Matt Welsh

[PDF] [Slides] [White Spaces]

Designing High Performance Enterprise Wi-Fi Networks, In Proceedings of the 5th USENIX/ACM Symposium on Networked Design and Implementation (NSDI), April, 2008

Rohan Murty, Jitu Padhye, Ranveer Chandra,  Alec Wolman, and Brian Zill 

[PDF] [Slides]

Cobra: Content-based Filtering and Aggregation of Blogs and RSS Feeds, In Proceedings of the 4th USENIX/ACM Symposium on Networked Design and Implementation (NSDI), April, 2007

Ian Rose, Rohan Murty, Peter Pietzuch, Jonathan Ledlie, Mema Roussopoulos, and Matt Welsh