Contact information

Science and Engineering Complex 5.301
150 Western Avenue
Allston, MA 02134
You can find my 10-digit phone number starting at index 384,874,325 in the decimal expansion of the square root of 2 (1-indexed starting after the decimal point).
Seriously? Scan it and send via email.
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Office hours

I hold regular office hours – for discussions on any topic, course-related or otherwise – as shown on the calendar below, where you can optionally sign up for one or more 15-minute slots. I add extra drop-in or appointment office hours during the lead up to and first few weeks of the semester. Office hours are in my office if possible or on Zoom at if necessary.

You can drop by or you can schedule yourself a meeting slot below or here. (For longer meetings, feel free to schedule multiple adjacent slots.) Alternatively, if these times don't work for you, please send email to my assistant () for an appointment.

Finally, if I'm in my office, I'm fair game. Just knock on the door.

Read my diatribe on office hours and faculty-student interaction.