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CS223 SPRING 2023


(colors indicate weeks)

Day Date Topic & Lecture Other Handouts/Readings Homework
Tu 1/24 Class Introduction : Read Chapters 1-4 on your own when possible

syllabus, survey, problems (Note class problems will generally not be made available until after class.)


Th 1/26 Balls and bins (Chapter 5 of MU)

In-class problem (secretary problem)

HW1, Skeleton Latex file for HW solutions
Tu 1/31

Random Graphs (Read Chapter 5 of MU)

In-class problem

Read How to Read a Research Paper (discussion Thursday)


Th 2/2

Coupon Collector's (Read Chapter 5 of MU)

Read the Odd Sketch paper (discussion Tues),

Tu 2/7

Odd Sketches, End Chapter 5 of MU



Th 2/9

Start Probabilistic Method (Chapter 6 of MU)

Encoding Arguments Paper Read in background, good if you read at least the beginning (up to section 4.2 or 4.3) for Tuesday.  

Tu 2/14

Continue Probabilistic Method (Chapter 6 of MU)

In class problem

Moser's algorithm and LLL writeup Read in background  
Th 2/16

Algorithmic Lovasz Local Lemma (Chapter 6 of MU)

Project Description pdf ; New assignment: Make a Project Proposal

HW3 due March 2

Tu 2/21

Markov Chains (Read Chapter 7 of MU)

Schoning's 3-SAT paper (For your enjoyment, not required)


Th 2/23

Continue Markov Chains (Read Chapter 7 of MU)


Tu 2/28

Finish Markov chains

Continuous Random Variables (Read Chapter 8 of MU)


Th 3/2


Read for next Tuesday the paper on COBRA walks at least through section 3. (Read more if you like; you can ignore the expander stuff.)

Tu 3/7

Cobra Walks/Continuous Random Variables

Th 3/9

Finish Continuous Random Variables; Entropy (Read Chapter 10 of MU); Start with compression (other stuff will be later)

In class problem

Tu 3/14

Spring Break

Th 3/16

Spring Break


Tu 3/21

Compression (Ch 10)

Read for next Tuesday the paper on Compressing Deep Neural Networks. For this paper you will write a short summary.

Th 3/23

Codes (Ch 10)

HW4, Due April 6

Tu 3/28

Ch 13 Martingales, Discuss Weightless paper

Th 3/30

Ch 13, Continue Martingales


Tu 4/4

Ch 15, Pairwise Independence

Th 4/6

Continue Pairwise Independence; Start Chapter 12, Convergence/Coupling

For next week read Why Simple Hash Functions Work

Assignment 5, Due April 20

Tu 4/11

Ch 11 Coupling, Discuss Hash Functions paper

Th 4/13

Ch 16, Power Laws

For next week read Power law paper